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Think You’re Paying Too Much for Insurance? 5 Ways to Save

Insurance is something everyone needs, but it can also be expensive on your pocket. That’s why it’s essential to be money-minded when choosing the right insurance cover, excess and provider.

Reviewing your insurance cover (e.g. your insurance payout in case something goes wrong), excess (up front payment before receiving payout) and your premium (e.g. the amount you pay for that cover) is key to keeping insurance costs down. Here are our top five ways to save on your insurance.


It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re paying for all your insurances combined when they’re regular payments at smaller sums of money. This is where packages come in. It often saves to get a package discount for mortgage, rent, life, health and disability insurances. At Nimble, we work with the right providers to suit your unique needs and get you the best package discounts.

Add-on Benefits

Always review your added benefits on your insurance policy. Addons should only be opted in if necessary. In some cases you may be paying for an addon that you may never use. Our brokers know it’s important to put your money into cover that suits you best, and we work with you to review these technical details that may be costing you.


Increasing your excess is one way to decrease your premium, but you need to make sure you can afford to meet that excess in the event something going wrong. This is particularly useful if you believe it is unlikely you’ll need to claim and prefer to have lower premiums with a higher excess.


Brokers are experts on the intricacies of insurance in New Zealand. Unlike traditional insurance providers who will only show you their company’s offering, our brokers will show you a range of affordable options from multiple providers, meaning you choose the one that best suit your needs. Not all insurance companies are alike, and with Nimble, you’re working with registered financial advisers that keep your best interests in mind.


Insurance premiums are usually paid fortnightly or monthly, paying your insurance via direct debit is usually the cheapest form of payment. The frequency of your payment can also have a significant effect on the overall premium you’ll pay. Paying annually in most cases although difficult is often the cheapest over the year. If you’re paying by credit card, ask your broker if there are any rewards schemes you can be apart of to make the most of the benefits. There are benefits as part of your credit card rewards with Airpoints, Flybuys, Hotpoints or similar schemes or cashback schemes.

We understand the importance of having the right level of cover in place and are able to guide you, every step of the way. Contact us for a free, no-obligation insurance review with one of our licensed advisers today.

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