What is Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Covers the costs of medical, surgical and cancer-related costs.
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Greater choice

You get to choose who you receive treatment from.

Peace of mind

Avoid the stress and financial implications of having to wait for treatment in the public system.
Why Health Insurance

Why get Health Insurance?

The aim of health insurance is to take the financial pressure off and give you best chance when you need it most. The base cover policy provides protection for many of the big expenses like surgery and medical and cancer treatment in a private hospital. Individuals can choose to have added options such as GP and Optical, Dental, Specialists and tests and so on.

Health policies are underwritten at the time of application, which means you disclose your medical history upfront and get certainty about what you are covered for.
Access to leading-edge treatments
Greater freedom to choose your providers
Avoid stress of waiting for treatment in the public system
Flexibility to choose your level of cover

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Health Insurance FAQs

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Why should I get health insurance, doesn't the public system cover me?

Yes, the New Zealand public system does cover you in most circumstances. However, private health insurance allows you to bypass the public waiting list in the event that you need to have a major scan, treatment or surgery. Joining the waiting list can cost you valuable time under  already stressful circumstances. With private health insurance, you don't need to worry about this. Additionally, private health insurance gives you access to non-pharmac approved drugs that the public system does not cover.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount of money you will pay if you make a claim on your health insurance. When you set up a health insurance policy you’ll need to choose an excess. Excesses range from $0, $250. $500 up to $6000 and are paid on top of your monthly premiums. The excess you choose is the maximum you will pay each year, should you make a claim that year. Increasing your excess will decrease the premium you pay.
Why Buffer

Why use an insurance advisor?

Unlike working with one single insurance provider, as licensed Financial Advisers, we're able to advise you on which policy is right for you across multiple insurance companies while ensuring you get the most favourable terms on your policy. We also advocate for you and your family in the event of a claim to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.
We offer access to exclusive insurance solutions
We are available 7 days a week
We work with NZ's Top insurance providers
We advocate for you throughout the entire process, from application to claim

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