What is Group Insurance?

Group Insurance

We offer group schemes for life, trauma, disability, and income protection.
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Positive culture

Promote employee loyalty and a positive workplace environment and culture.

Peace of mind

Employees and their families know they are protected.
Benefits of Group Insurance

Why Choose Group Insurance?

Keep Talent

Skilled employees are attracted, motivated and retained by employers who provide insurance benefits.

Save Money

Premiums are usually lower than individual premium rates.

Quick and Easy

Automatic acceptance for insurance cover up to the automatic acceptance level for your plan. Generally, this means that there is little or no individual medical underwriting.
What is Group Life Insurance

Invest in your company with Group Life Insurance

We offer group schemes for life, trauma, disability, and income protection. There are various ways these covers can be set and structured according to your needs. Protecting yourself and your employees ahead of life’s challenges means you can focus on your work and rest assured the wellbeing of your company is taken care of.
Show staff you value them
Automatic acceptance (in most cases)
Cover available during unpaid leave
Increase retention rates among staff
Terms and conditions apply,  contact us to learn more.
What is Group Health Insurance

Retain talent with Group Health Insurance

Health insurance has proven to be an effective choice in attracting and retaining talent. Group health insurance has been voted the number one job perk for employees in a survey by Seek. Having an employee health programme in place shows that you value your employees and their wellbeing.

Our Group Health Insurance offer extends out to immediate family members of your employees. For groups of 15 policies or more, we  offer pre-existing condition cover on all policies and immediate family members of said policy holders. This offer excludes congenital conditions.
Voted #1 job perk for employees
Offer extends to immediate family of your employees
Pre-existing conditions are covered for policies of 15 people or more (T&Cs apply)
Healthy employees = healthy company

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Group Insurance FAQs

Ask us directly

Are pre-existing conditions covered under Group Health Insurance schemes?

Yes, pre-existing condition cover is available for groups of 15 or more Group Health Insurance policies. Terms and conditions apply. Please get in contact today to discuss with an advisor.

How big does my company need to be to get Group Life Insurance?

Group Life Insurance schemes are suitable for groups of 10 or more eligible employees. However, we offer insurance solutions for all types of businesses. If you’re a director of a company of less than 10 employees (including yourself) we also offer exclusive discounts to ensure you and your staff get the coverage needed.

My company has an existing Group Health or Life Insurance scheme, can I switch to another provider?

If you have an existing Group Health or Life insurance scheme already in place and would like to change the provider you can do so by getting in touch with us. We’ll chat with you about your options and give you an idea of the next steps to take. Submit a query via our ‘Request a Free Quote’ button on this page and we’ll be in touch.

How much will Group Health or Life Insurance cost my company?

When it comes to Group Health or Life cover your age and occupation play major roles in deciding the overall cost of your group insurance policy. Basically, if your staff are generally young and their occupations are not hazardous the premium you pay will be cheaper than generally older staff in a more hazardous occupation or similar. Every company is different so it pays to get in touch and we’ll assess your needs.

Where can I get more information about Group Life or Health Insurance?

The best way to get more information is to contact us. Once you submit our contact form, an advisor will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
Why Buffer

Why use an insurance advisor?

Unlike working with one single insurance provider, as licensed Financial Advisers, we're able to advise you on which policy is right for you across multiple insurance companies while ensuring you get the most favourable terms on your policy. We also advocate for you and your family in the event of a claim to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.
We offer access to exclusive insurance solutions
We are available 7 days a week
We work with NZ's Top insurance providers
We advocate for you throughout the entire process, from application to claim

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